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Welcome to The Cardinal Shift RPG! This is an RPG forum for those who want to freely RP in a fantasy world with many different races. Please read all the needed information and get going on your character!

This is based on a story that is planned out to be a manga. If you have not heard of it, it doesn't mean you can't RP it!
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 The Realm Map

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PostSubject: The Realm Map   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:14 pm

This is a new world out there. There are many different places to travel to, but it's important to know what each city is like and which places are forbidden to travel to.

Here is a map of the world. It is known as the Realm, but it is also called "Helin".

The Realm is the peninsula where our world takes place in. It is cut off from the rest of the world by ridged mountains and trenches that no man has survived coming passed. In the future, this map may expand, but for now these are the only places to travel between. In alphabetical order, each pass, kingdom, etc. will be explained.

Alaspar: The land of the skypeople. Also known as the Mountain City and the City in the Clouds. Perched atop of a mountain, it is a large city that is guarded by a stone wall on all sides of it. It is not visible from ground level since it is hidden beyond the clouds. It takes three days to climb up on foot. It takes less than 20 minutes for a skyperson to fly up there. It is a beautiful place filled with lanterns and large wooden houses. It is also the center of the world post office. The Tower of Gluttony is located just outside of it. This has caused chaos within the city to make everyone greedy and lustful--especially with food.

Arrosfar Mountains: Large mountains that block off the path to the Unknown World. Many people have attempted to cross these mountains to see what's on the other side, but none have prevailed. A large volcano is in the center and pollutes the skies with sulfur, causing it to be difficult for skypeople to try to fly across.

Arids Coast: Arids Coast is the coast that leads to the unknown waters. It is hidden behind the mountains and is not visited often. It is home to many animals that can survive hot, desert-like climates.

Aspinewood: A small village located within the forests of Heilin. It is mostly home to humans, but other races live there as well, but in the minority pile.

Astoria Village: A village outside of Alaspar, it is home to land races that often visit the mountain city. It is the midpoint between Sonata and Alaspar. It also takes effect to the nearby tower.

City of Dawn: Located just outside the coast of The Realm which leads to the bridge to Emersia Island. It is a city of half elves and humans governed by the Queen, Esyl. She has shut down all visit hours with the royal family due to the loss of her first daughter, who was kidnapped after childbirth.

City of Emersia: The main city of humans. It is located in the center of Emersia Island, ruled by King Heran and his son, Prince Josiah. It is a large city that is filled with color and culture. It is surrounded by a stone wall and has a powerful knight force. The Tower of Sloth is located near Emersia and it has caused many civilians to become depressed and lazy.

Coran Pass: Coran Pass is the pathway to the Forsaken Castle. It is the only known way through the mountains, but it is covered with dark trees and clouds and filled with dangerous creatures. It is a path that follows the River of Jade.

Delhov: Delhov is a small village outside the River of Jade. Inhabited by Elves.

Dreamstone Valley: A valley outside of both Tearshed Lake and the River of Jade, it serves as a hiding spot for Silas. Under the valley is a base that is hidden by a powerful spell that no one is able to break except for Rima and Silas himself.

Druid's Desert: This desert used to be a lively place with many tall trees and lakes. Druids were found here often, but when a drought came over the forest, much of its life disappeared. The Druids remain and are there to keep the rest of the life safe from harm. Many people have gone insane traveling this endless wasteland.

Emersia Island: The island that the City of Emersia is located on. It is full of mystical creatures, but most of its inhabitants are humans.

Enderville: One of the twin cities of the Elves. Parallel to Ronanville. This city is governed by the Elven Council and is effected by the Tower of Lust. Reports of rape, prostitution, and sexual based offenses have been noted here recently due to that.

Erikola: Located outside of the twin cities of Enderville and Ronanville. It is a larger village of elves who are trying to escape from the crime of the twin cities.

Espodell: A small village off the coast of the Raging Waters. It is a place where many runaways will hide in if they cause trouble in Neras.

Evelyn Village: A city that was wiped out a decade previous to this RPG. During an accident involving a mistreated "witch", she had caused the village to catch fire, causing many of its inhabitants to die. The village is now a ghost town burnt to the ground.

Ferovale: The city of the Desert Druids. It is where the last remaining life in the desert is located, so they have built a cactus wall around it to stop all others from stealing the life. Only elves are allowed within the city. Governed by the Druid King.

Forsaken Castle: The lair of Silas and his apprentice, Rima. It is the location of many evil creatures and dark auras. It is constantly watched by an army of Serells and Shades. Not much is known about this location.

Garrant: A village for land races that wish to travel to Lisoria and back. It is mostly of humans and elves. A big fisherman village.

Harn's End: Dry and with very little vegetation, the people of Harn's End have learned to cope with what little they have and have made a large kingdom of it. The city is both above and underground as they flourished with mines of gold. Legend has it that dwarves were the original builders of the city, but it is now mostly run by druids, humans, and elves.

Isle of Widows: The island that Lisoria is located on. It is an island of strictly lurkers. There is a large pool of water in the center of the island where the city is located.

Lisoria: The underwater city. It is a large, glass city that is both visible at the surface and underwater. There are parts of the city that are perched on the island, but most of it is underneath, in the water. The Tower of Envy is located outside of it, causing the Lurkers to become envious of the powers that the land races have, so they have temporarily disposed of land race access to the city.

Lunas: A small village of elves that live deep within the forest. They cut themselves off from the industrial world and have very pagan beliefs.

Moonview Gardens: A beautiful garden that is in bloom all year round. No one knows who is the one who planted and took care of the plants, but they are always in perfect condition. Legend says that a young Druid girl watches over it.
Navaras: A small village located outside of the River of Jade. It is mostly inhabited by humans.

Neras: Also known as the City of Runaways. Many rogues and pirates live in this area. It is a large airship manufacturing city. Anyone is welcome to live here, for it is the home of outcasts. It is located outside of the Tower of Wrath. It takes effect with violence for many civilians.

Raging Waters: A violent ocean with constantly moving tides that sweep away anything in its path. It has a horrible undertow that often has men disappear at sea. No one has dared to sail past the Isle of Widows.

Raven's Grove: This grove was once the city of Asthemites. This is also the sight where they went "extinct". The ruins of the city are left behind, but the bodies have been removed and buried nearby.

River of Jade: A large river that flows throughout The Realm. It is the main freshwater life source for villages and cities.

Ronanville: One of the twin cities of the Elves. Parallel to Enderville. This city is governed by the Elven Council and is effected by the Tower of Lust. Reports of rape, prostitution, and sexual based offenses have been noted here recently due to that.

Screeching Swamp: A large swampy area that is filled with creatures that "screech" to communicate. Not many are dangerous during the day, but at night, Shades are evident.

Seldemshire: Just outside of Wraith Ridge and near the River of Jade. It is a small village of elves.

Sonata: The City of Heroes. It is the largest kingdom of The Realm and has the greatest population. Many warriors come here to be knighted. It is a prosperous town filled with diversity in races and classes. It is located near the Tower of Pride, and so this city will often take pride in their heroes, becoming snobby and arrogant. Many of the knights have became selfish. Ruled over by King Gilderoy and the princes, Jeremiah and Ashen Harper.

Silverthal: A town located outside of the twin cities. Inhabited with elves.

Stingard Peak: The largest volcano in the Arrosfar mountains. It erupts every decade and leaves massive damage all around the peninsula with its toxic fumes.

Tearshed Lake: A large lake that is in the shape of a tear. Many sirens are found here.

Valderine's Gate: A blacksmith city. The best of weapons are created here and so many people from around the world come here to buy goods.

Wingotte: Located near Delhov. A village of elves.

Wraith Ridge: A large trench filled with ominous creatures is found here. These creatures only come out at night. Many people have claimed to see ghosts in this area, and so it has gotten its name "wraith" from it.
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The Realm Map
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