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Welcome to The Cardinal Shift RPG! This is an RPG forum for those who want to freely RP in a fantasy world with many different races. Please read all the needed information and get going on your character!

This is based on a story that is planned out to be a manga. If you have not heard of it, it doesn't mean you can't RP it!
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 Pre-made Missions

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Erehnys Merada

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PostSubject: Pre-made Missions   Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:34 pm

Depending on the difficulties of these missions, you will have a different amount of Xin given to you for completion. Any missions with a "*" at the end of it indicates that it requires more than one person. More will be added soon.

Easy = 200
Medium = 1000
Hard = 2000
Extremely Difficult = 5000


Clean the City Streets
Difficulty: Easy

Wash the Castle Walls
Difficulty: Easy

Spar Against Partner*
Difficulty: Easy

Practice Stealth on City Walls
Difficulty: Medium


Travel to nearby village to deliver scrolls
Difficulty: Medium

Kill a werewolf
Difficulty: Hard

Inspect Haunted House
Difficulty: Medium

Deliver message to the Knight House
Difficulty: Easy

Travel to Emersia to deliver message to Prince Azule*
Difficulty: Hard


Kill a Shade*
Difficulty: Hard

Line up in front of city for protection
Difficulty: Easy

Fight against Serells
Difficulty: Hard

Kill a Vampire
Difficulty: Medium

Inspect the Druid Desert
Difficulty: Hard

Infiltrate the Forsaken Castle
Difficulty: Extremely Difficult


Steal a Diadem from the Castle of a City
Difficulty: Hard

Pickpocket from 10 people
Difficulty: Medium

Steal from a store
Difficulty: Easy

Release information to a paying customer
Difficulty: Easy

Rebel against Sonata
Difficulty: Extremely Difficult


Release bombs over the Twin Cities
Difficulty: Hard

Raid village*
Difficulty: Medium

Release bombs over Forsaken Castle
Difficulty: Extremely Hard
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Pre-made Missions
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