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Welcome to The Cardinal Shift RPG! This is an RPG forum for those who want to freely RP in a fantasy world with many different races. Please read all the needed information and get going on your character!

This is based on a story that is planned out to be a manga. If you have not heard of it, it doesn't mean you can't RP it!
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 Race Information

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PostSubject: Race Information   Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:22 am

There are many different races that are within the Sonata world. There are active and passive ones. Active races are races that you can choose from. Passive races are races of monsters that you cannot choose from (without special permission).


Human: the common man known to the planet Earth. They have two legs and two arms, rounded ears and usually bare no mystical powers. If they DO bare these powers, it is most likely they have Asthemite blood within them. The Main human city is Emersia.

Asthemite: A magical human who has chi within their bloodline. They are able to draw power from within, rather than relying on a mythical object. They are subject to six common elements, but can even further the study of their elements by discovering elements within other elements. The only way for a magical blood trait to be given to offspring as a given is for both the parents to be of magical blood as well. If only one is of magic blood, or it has been shown in the past, it will be at completely random depending on the traits given to them during when the genetics are chosen. The ruins of the Mage City is Raven Grove. ONLY SEVERAL PEOPLE WILL BE SELECTED TO BE ASTHEMITE. THIS IS A RARE RACE.

Elf: slender, tall beings who resemble common man, but with pointed ears and much more agile and flexible. Most are known to be born from the forests and live much longer (their life span is about 200 years longer than a human) than the average man. They are immune to common poisons and wounds heal quicker. They do not bare magical powers, but it is more commonly found in them than in humans. Elves are NOT considered Asthemites if they have magic within them, since it is more common. Their main cities are the twin cities of Enderville and Ronanville.

Half-Elves: These are beings that are conceived by an elf and human. They are usually the size of a human, not being very tall, but they have ears that are round with a point at the end, not being as long as an elves. They have magical powers to them, much like elves, though it is not as consistent. It can only be used in a weapon of some sort--usually a bow with magic arrows. They can only have one element, while elves can have two.

Druids: Druids are long-eared elves (long as in, much longer than normal) who were commonly found in the deserts, usually residing in the oases. Their goal is to re-inhabit the desert where it was once a forest that dried out. Their city is located in the Druids Desert called Ferovale.

Lycan: A hybrid human with canine features. They commonly reside in a tribe that lives within a den in a forest with a pack of wolves. Each Lycan takes on three pupil pup wolves and trains them to be loyal to them. Once they grow, they choose one to bless with magic water to increase its size so that they may mount it.

Harpies: Also known as the sky people. Harpies are people who have feathers along their spine, arms, and have a bird-like tail. They have talon-skinned feet and beaks where their noses are. They are able to fly, having wings protrude from their arms and usually are very pale with red, brown, or black hair. Many of them set out to become swordsmen or rangers and are from a distant city in the clouds called Alaspar.

Lurkers: people of the water. They have salmon colored skin and pale eyes and hair, fins on neck, elbows, and ankles, and gills. They can breathe under water and at the surface and reside on the Isle of Widows, where their underwater city (which also is above the surface at the center of the Island), Lisoria is located. They wear shells for clothing.

Dwarves: Short and stout people who live on the far side of the mountains in the Druids Desert. They worship the Fire Gods and Magma gods, so they continuously dig so they can have a closer connection. They have a giant pit in the earth where their main city, Harn’s End is located, having walls and buildings in this area, digging into underground caverns. They as well mine often.

Sirens: Creatures who appear to look like mesmerizing human girls (or mermaids if by sea) who sing beautiful tunes at the dead of night within the forests. They draw men in with their songs and once the men are out of sight, the sirens will murder and eat them. There is a special plant called a Forbella Weed which has an oil that you rub on your ears that will make the temptations to follow the singing disappear.

Hybrids: These are mixed races of two, different races (such as dwarf and elf, siren and elf, human and dwarf, etc.) who were born from these two different races breeding together. This can either benefit them for their statistics and magic count, or cause them to have problems. It all depends on how your character copes with it. Hybrids have a hard time fitting in when they reside within a city full of one race because of their abnormality.

Vampires: Creatures that are unable to control their emotions or their instincts when the scent of blood is within range, sending them urges to kill. They are pale with discolored eyes and are usually infected by another vampire or a poisonous vampire bat.

Werewolves: Commonly mistaken for an Okami, a werewolf can only be changed at nightfall. They are known to travel alone and eat human flesh. They can only become a werewolf if they are bitten by another werewolf, which is only common past the forsaken forests.


Shades: Creatures of the dark, known as Shades that bare no face and have long black, slender bodies with large claws protruding from their hands. They are completely blind, but they sense the stare of someone’s face. If anyone were to stare directly into their white, blank faces, an ominous black glow from their silhouette will begin and they will teleport toward you, only staring at you until you make a sudden movement. Only until you decide to try and fight or run away will it hunt you down and skin you alive, leaving you to die in the darkness. It then steals your face and will wear it around people you may know, hoping to lure them into their trap. They can only be killed by sunlight, which makes them dangerous creatures to run into.

Dryads: Large trees that have eyes and mouths, usually moaning to communicate with other trees. They travel slowly and are the life of the forest that makes sure that it stays alive and healthy.

More Passive Races to be Added
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Race Information
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