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This is based on a story that is planned out to be a manga. If you have not heard of it, it doesn't mean you can't RP it!
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 Class and Rank Information

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PostSubject: Class and Rank Information   Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:29 am

There are many different classes that you can choose from for your character.

Swordsman: Warriors who wield a sword, magical or not. They usually pursue the life of a knight or a guard and dedicate themselves either to Sonata or any other city they work for. It is also common for swordsmen to become rogues. Every swordsman starts out as a student. They can continue their training to become a knight. They must attend a Swordsman Academy to graduate and become a warrior. They put their statistics mostly into strength and speed.

Mage: An endangered class—only three are known (not including Josiah or Silas) to be alive still. They derive their power from within themselves, rather than from a mystical weapon. They can use their powers without a staff or orb, but these weapons can enhance their inner powers. Depending on the personality of the mage, an element is chosen for them at birth for them to be their strongest. It is their decision on whether they decide to learn other elements. The six elements are water, fire, lightning, air, darkness, and light. Mages are humans known as Asthemites or magical bloodlines of elves. The Mage community was supposedly wiped out by Silas, but further knowledge shows that it was a war between Mages who wanted to take over Sonata, and those who were loyal to it. They all had fought to the death and the only ones who had survived were not within the Mage Grove during the war. They put their statistics mostly toward magic and stamina.

Psychic: A psychic is a main class of three different sub-classes. It is possible to be a psychic of all three sub-classes, but only one is the strongest one, depending on which one you decide to take as your first choice. Psychics are all ranked as students until they graduate from a Psychic academy. They mostly put their statistics toward intellect.

  • Mediums: Mediums are psychics who devote their powers to sensing demons and spirits. They have the ability to know when there is a spirit in their presence, or if there is a demon and whether it is a potential threat. They can often see the shadows of it if it is considered powerful, and if it is a weaker one, they can see its entire silhouette.
  • Seers: Mystics are psychics who devote themselves to fortune-telling. They usually keep sacred water in their presence so that they can dip their fingers into it and look into a vanity mirror to watch the future. They are also known to have visions if they touch someone for the first time, or even at complete random. With more practice, they can expertise this skill to have visions with free will.
  • Telepathic: Telepathic psychics are the fighter type psychics. These ones are able to read minds, pick up objects without touching them, and create force fields. Depending on their age, focus, and how much effort they put in, the stronger the force fields are and how heavy of the objects they pick up are. Reading minds is a bit more difficult and it is often used on weak-minded people. It would take more focus and effort to try to break the mind of someone who is wiser, which is why it is very tough for psychics to read the minds of other psychics.

Summoner: A summoner is a scroll maker who can seal things such as weapons and beasts within those said scrolls and summon them later while in combat. Powerful sommoners have the ability to summon and seal the souls and bodies of humans (and other races), but it is forbidden to do so. Because being a summoner is a very difficult class to be, it has the lowest rank of class, but those who are them are proven to be powerful. They must learn the basics of martial arts and survival methods and how to quickly roll and unroll scrolls, speak clearly while running, and use the weapons with good aim and stamina while at a Summoner Academy. They are continued students until they graduate to become a warrior. They mostly put their statistics toward speed and intellect.

Lycan: Lycan is both a race and a class. For the Lycan race, they do not usually take on an actual class, but stay as themselves with their wolves by their sides. They can, however fight for a city if they decide to move into one. Most Lycan take on the statistics of intellect and speed.

Alchemist: to be an alchemist (certified), members must enroll into one of the main cities at the Alchemy Academies to begin their training. They learn how to form transmutation circles and classify their element of choice. Because there are so many more elements than ones that are classified for mages, there is a wider spectrum of what to choose for an alchemist. It is difficult to fight as an alchemist, so in order to graduate; they must be able to draw a transmutation circle in less than 30 seconds. They mostly have intellect and speed for their statistics.

Ranger: Rangers are those who learn the way of archery and learn to use their senses to easily retrace their steps and read tracks (even barely visible ones) to understand the basics of what occurred the night(s) before and to track people down. Many of them are elves, but there are humans, skypeople, and lurkers who have been known to be them as well. It is not required to go to a school, but you must be taken on by a master to learn the proper ways. They mostly put their statistics into intellect and strength/speed.

Sorcerers: People who act as mages, but they use wizard orbs to draw their power. It is much weaker than the actual power of a mage, but it is still considered powerful. Like mages, the wizard orbs that sorcerers use can use their strongest element, but the drawback is that they can only learn two elements. They mostly put their statistics toward stamina and magic.


Civilian: A civilian is someone who is not classified, but has the abilities of their class. They do not use these tactics and are usually travelers or villagers.

Students: Students are people who take on a class to learn at one of the Academies that specializes in their class. They will be considered a student until they graduate.

Warrior: A warrior is someone who has graduated from their academy and decides to live their ways of life with their class as an influence on it. They fight for their people (or themselves) and are knowledgeable in their class enough to teach pupils.

Knights: A knight is a warrior who works for the city. They guard the royal palaces of the city they reside in and protect the royal family from harm, along with the civilians as well. They are the first in line when a war comes.

Monk: A monk is someone who is spiritually taken by the world and often uses their knowledge to become a guru. Most monks are sorcerers, okami, and, and summoners.

Princess/Prince/Queen/King: Royalty among their city. They learn to fight and also have classes of their own. They are not the type to run and hide; they will fight for their city until death. They are very loyal to their people.

Rogues: Rogues are anyone who have left their alliance to Sonata or any other village and have taken their life to a place of crime and theft to find their own personal journey or goals. They are often refugees or runaways who do not wish to pursue an actual life within the city. Many of them reside in the City of Runaways on the far West coast. It can be done by any class.

Sky Pirates: Pirates who fly aboard airships and raid villages at night. Most of them are swordsmen or rangers who have become rogues. There are many different crews within the world, but one of the most dangerous ones is Team EXCILE, which is a neutral alliance who seems to be against every single other alliance there is. Team PLAGUE is known to be neutral, but is favorable to the Order of Nightfall since one of the members is a friend of one of the members of the Order.

Broker: A broker is someone who wishes to stay out of affairs with anyone in an alliance. They do not classify themselves as a rogue, but they are similar. They know all the right people and learn everything they can about it and get paid hefty amounts of money to give information to others.
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Class and Rank Information
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