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This is based on a story that is planned out to be a manga. If you have not heard of it, it doesn't mean you can't RP it!
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PostSubject: Storyline   Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:42 pm

With the High King Gilderoy Harper on his death bed, his son Ashen Harper is left to take the throne. Jeremiah, his youngest of sons has a vision of a necromancer bringing back an army from the dead—dragon men. He tries to warn his father of this vision before he passes, but he does not believe him at all.
Rahmiel, a sorcerer hidden in the mountains has been brewing a plan for over a century. With his minions building watch towers, all hexed to corrupt the main cities, wars break out between the cities of the Realm as people begin to fight for the throne.

It is your job to take on a role within the cities, become part of the legend. Will you try to take the throne or will you aide your comrades to help them step closer to royalty? What will you do when a blade is at your neck as the High King passes on?

History of the Realm
Heilin had conquered the dragons that siege their land for a century and took back their home. Doing so was not easy though. King Valderine Harper, ruler of Sonata and all of Heilin had created an army of mages to help and cast away these beasts. They wanted nothing more than to return to their homeland, which the Dragons had formally named Heilin. The dragons were not premature though. These dragons were centuries old and had knowledge far greater than the entire world.
With the magic within their blood, they had the abilities to change their form into a human veneer. With this ability, the dragons could act more human-like, and similar to most humans of that time, greed succumbed to most of them. They destroyed the world known as the Realm to the races that belonged there and banished them from the lands, leaving them to starve. The leader of the dragons, Erigus was the oldest and most powerful dragon of them, guarding the border to make sure that no one ever returned. Citizens had to take refuge in colonies across the Heilin border, in the province of Cantonia. Living there for over a century, Valderine, son of King Xenofus Harper, decided that they’ve waited far too long to take back their land.
When Valderine came back with his force of magic, war broke out for five years and chaos erupted. Many people were dying and the dragons were far too powerful to take with a small army. Valderine began studying draconic behavior and detected that without their ability to change forms, they simply acted on animalistic instinct. He gathered the remaining mages and the rest of his warriors and told them of his discovery. The mages had to block off their connection with their other form.
During the last year of fighting, the mages began studying ways to create such a spell. It took many hard months until it was finally perfected on a captured dragon. They then took their power to the enemy and cast them back into the shadows. Many of the dragons were caught by surprise when they were unable to form. Their personalities were declining slowly. The dragons were much easier to destroy when held in a single form that was so large and easily targeted. They were slain for several months afterward and their bodies were buried across the border. The mages then gathered their forces and used their magic to create mountains so large and treacherous that no one would be able to cross them.
The kingdom was rebuilt and the Realm was back in its peaceful nature. People celebrate Valderine’s success every new year by bringing gifts to the Royal Sonatan Family, who have a ball in his honor after the sun sets.
It is the year 700. High King Gilderoy Harper and his two sons, Prince Jeremiah and Prince Ashen are still in power. Unfortunately, Gilderoy has grown ill and is preparing for his death as he writes his will for the crown to be passed down to Ashen. 
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