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This is based on a story that is planned out to be a manga. If you have not heard of it, it doesn't mean you can't RP it!
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 Weapons Template

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Erehnys Merada

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PostSubject: Weapons Template   Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:12 pm

When you buy a weapon that DOES NOT use magic, it will be cheaper than one that is custom. When you want a weapon that does not use magic, simply reply to the shop topic with the weapon you wish to have. This is for those who wish to create a custom weapon.

You are limited up to THREE weapons. One heavy and two light. Double swords counts as ONE weapon.

]Class: (Magic or Non-Magic)
Weight: Heavy or Light?
Elements: Water, Fire, Air, Lightning, Darkness, Light

[b][u]Name[/u]: [/b]
[b][u]]Class[/u]: [/b](Magic or Non-Magic)
[u][b]Weight[/b]:[/u] Heavy or Light?
[b][u]Ability[/u]: [/b]
[b][u]Elements[/u]:[/b] Water, Fire, Air, Lightning, Darkness, Light
[b][u]Weakness[/u]: [/b]
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Weapons Template
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